Defensive Love was created by Kyle Collinsworth and Kenny Hardy with the purpose to help teach the defensive side of basketball to players and teams.  With half the game of basketball being played on the defensive end of the floor we are passionate about reminding players of this, seemed to be, forgotten fact, and have built Defensive Love around helping players and teams focus on their defensive skills and strategies. "LOVE stands for: Loyalty, Outstanding Communication, Vision, Effort & Enthusiasm.

These are the principles upon which we feel a good defender and good team defense is based on.  We base our teaching on these principles and strive to help all who come through Defensive Love trainings and camps to fully integrate and apply these principles not only on the court but also off the court in their daily lives. Our motto at Defensive Love is "Tough Enough to Do the Hard Things."  At Defensive Love we know that playing on the defensive end of the floor is hard and not easy and takes great effort and enthusiasm and a certain level of toughness. Not just a toughness of physicality, but a toughness of the mind.  We want all players and teams to develop a "Tough Enough to Do the Hard Things" mindset both on and off the court so that when they are faced with setbacks and adversity they can exercise their toughness both physically but more importantly mentally to get through whatever they may be facing on the court or off.

Our mission statement is: "Redefining success on defense in the game of basketball." As we travel around the country and work with players and teams we see the great need to redefine what true success means while playing defense.  We believe in taking a simplified approach to teaching defense by focusing on what matters most in regard to technique, purpose, and mindset.  We believe that just like on offense when a player tries to do too much by dribbling or shooting, etc. a player on the defensive side of the ball can also do too much by gambling for a steal, trying to block a shot, over helping on team defense, etc. We believe that true success on defense comes from staying in front of the offensive player, and learning how to be a solid and consistent defender with the techniques we teach here at Defensive Love. Once the fundamentals of defense have been mastered we love to help players become more advanced and skilled in learning the proper ways to impact the ball on the defensive side. 

We are very passionate about Defense hence our name of "Defensive Love"!!  We feel the game of basketball has never been more in need of defensive work and focus.  We love to teach defense and more importantly love to help young people strive to become better people.